A New Section for Discontinued Items on Etsy

Sale_Liucija Textiles

In between the festive season, trips and future planing many things got forgotten. But now I am back on track. Here I am editing my pages, taking photographs of the products that got left behind during the busy times of December. I still have a lot to catch up on, but for now I have started with a small change in my Etsy shop – a new section for the items from previous collections that are now discontinued. Yes, it is time for a fresh start. Some exciting changes coming this way, but about that later… And for you, my dear customers, now it is a great opportunity to grab these items for really good prices! They are waiting for you here.


Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Sale

Christmas time is almost here and I have a few ideas for your unique handmade presents this year. Head to my Etsy shop, pick any item and get a 25% discount! Now is the best time to get your handmade gifts! Hurry up and get your discount before the offer ends on the 1st of December. You can still receive your gifts in time for Christmas!

If you are not sure whether the items you ordered will arrive in time for Christmas ask me to send them from the US. That is always an option.

P.S. The coupon code is CHRISTMASGIFT

New Autumn/Winter Collection for object

Object Collection

A week ago I presented my newest collection at a beautiful design shop Object based in Tijuana, featuring selected makers from Mexico. The shop, located in an architecture school, is a must to see for the lovers of handmade products and those visiting the city.

My collection for Object is inspired by the textures and patterns of Tijuana, found in the old decayed buildings, grated windows and entrances, electricity lines and the landscapes of the city. It is an Autumn/ Winter collection of handmade scarves and notebooks, featuring soft blues and earthy tones. All the scarves are made out of a thin fresh linen fabric, hand dyed using fibre reactive dyes that bond very well with the fabric, leaving long-lasting colours. A few of the scarves have embroidered details that add texture to each of them. There are two types of notebooks within the collection: fabric and digital print cover. Fabric notebooks feature the same colour combinations and patterns as scarves. The digital print cover notebooks are the photographs of Tijuana with hand drawn and embroidered patterns. The pages of all the notebooks are made out of brown and white recycled papers.

These pictures, taken by a photographer Laia Gutierrez, present the latest collection…

And a few photographs from the opening:

Textured Cities Exhibition

Textured Cities_1

It has been ages since the last time I posted to this blog. The thing is that I have lots of different blogs, Facebook pages, online shops… I am also constantly posting pictures to Instagram and apart from that I have work to do. So as I am getting busier with more orders, markets and exhibitions I have to find a fast way to publish updates about my work. For that reason writing a blog post becomes harder and harder. However, you can always find out what I am up to here and here.

And now about my latest accomplishments. Something very important happened on the 20th of August and I just had to share it here, in my blog. And these are the great news: I had an opening of my first big exhibition here in Tijuana! It was a great moment of accomplishment and success. Seeing all those people that came to the opening and were interested to see my work and hear my story filled me with a great amount of positive energy and self-confidence.

The exhibition showcase my latest collection of ‘Textured Cities’, map art of the places I lived in or travelled to. Through these pieces I tell a story of my life, reflecting personal memories, observations and feelings towards each city or country. It is all expressed in detailed hand drawn and embroidered patterns, textures and colours.

This collection is a continuous body of work and I hope to see it greatly expanding over the years. Furthermore, I hope it will inspire the viewers to change their surroundings and seek new experiences, notice the smallest details in their everyday lives.

So let’s take a journey of exploration!

You can also find two other artists’ works in the gallery. Here is a short preview of that…

And for the end – my supportive husband and I.

Textured Cities_17

P.S. You can see the exhibition at Instituto de Cultura de Baja California in Tijuana, Mexico. It will be there for one month.

Etsy Craft Party + Workshop at Make Good, San Diego


Monday. Resting after long, but really fun weekend… I’ve seen so many different faces this weekend, starting with the workshop in San Diego on Saturday, followed by Sunday’s design market in Tijuana.

Let me tell you a little bit more about my first ever workshop. It was held at Make Good, a beautiful little shop in San Diego filled with various handmade goods from local makers.

The occasion – Etsy Craft Party, theme – Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape.

When I discovered that this year’s theme is related to paper, I got really excited! I found out that there is one held at the shop where I sell my handmade products. So I just had to participate!

I was encouraged to share my skills with everyone attending the party. So I came up with a theme for the workshop: Stitched Watercolour Paper Gifts. Even though everything was a bit unplanned and slightly messy, first time experience was really great! I met some really nice people, had a good time and learned what it is like to teach others. Now I am looking forward to get involved in more workshops…


Market Times!


Market times are coming closer again… I am very excited!

Next weekend (23-24 May) I will be exhibiting my art pieces and products at Rosarito Art Fest. It is quite an interesting event here in Rosarito, and definitely the biggest one. There’s going to be artisanal food, music, art and hand crafted items, together with loads of people. Don’t miss the opportunity to come down to Rosarito, if you live near by.


The next set of markets is going to take place in Tijuana next month, from June 7th to 28th, every Sunday of the month. It is going to be another session of design markets by CECUT (Tijuana’s cultural centre). In here you will be able to find some of the best products from Baja California.

So put these events your calendar, and bring some friends with you!


CECUT Design Market

SALE on Liucija Textiles and Folk Rhythm!


Time has come for some changes in my life and in my shop. I am starting a sale on both Liucija Textiles and Folk Rhythm shops, in order to bring some fresh winds to my business. Eventually this should lead to a development of new concepts, and maybe even joining the two shops together. We’ll see what the future holds…

For now grab things you love with a 10% discount. At the checkout use ILOVELIUCIJATEXTILES as a discount code for Liucija Textiles, and ILOVEFOLKRHYTHM for Folk Rhythm. Enjoy!

P.S. Discount period finishes on the 1st of June.